Building Inner Strength: 16 Guidelines for Life

So delighted to be offering this course online in a couple of weeks time!

Building Inner Strength: 16 Guidelines for Life workshops are based on a set of values which aim to encourage positive qualities in our life. They help us to change how we think, how we act, how we relate to others and how we find meaning. It provides practical tools for a more meaningful, fulfilled life.

The idea is simple: to change the way we experience the world, we transform the way we think, act, and relate to others. The Level 1 course introduces daily exercises that will help nurture our positive qualities, transform our everyday relationships and reverberate in the world around us. The course is particularly beneficial for individuals who want to take practical techniques and implement them in their home, relationships, community or workplace. Beginners to the practices of mindfulness and meditation are welcome.

The four live sessions will take place on the following days:

Saturday, 16 May and Sunday, 17 May

Saturday, 23 May and Sunday, 24 May


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