12 Months on...

What a rollercoaster of a year after a my stroke...and you never know where its going to take you.


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I would like to mention a few who supported me while all this was going on and after.


ARI and Woodend medical staff for their care, it was second to none


Thanks to Karen Barr and staff at CRANDEEN who I was working with in paragraph one, for allowing me the time to get back to work when I was ready.


Katie Jones (ex CHSS) for all the advise she gave in the early days


Peter Stewart, Jon Van Heerden and Danielle Van Heerden who came to visit me at Woodend, to alleviate some of the boredom


Karen Stewart for all the support while working together at CRANDEEN and the 12 months following


Edward Obi for keeping an eye on me and organising the ambulance when I had a bit of a “moment” at your BNI earlier in the year, and Stacy Edghil for dropping everything to pick me up from A&E after been given the all clear to go home


All my client, friends, family and network for their support over the last 12 months


And I can’t forget my wife Suzanne Robinson, for keeping the household running while I was in hospital, and during the rehabilitation time once I got home.


Sorry if I have missed anyone out, as you can imagine there was a lot going on at the time.



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  • Great to hear things are back on track Chris.
    • Thanks Mike, was touch and go back in November but I’m still kicking...just maybe not quite as hard as I used to
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