Its a dreich (such a good Scottish word!) Saturday morning and I am at my desk writing and editing as our 50th issue of Raring2go! is going to print early next week.

This got me thinking - is 50 something to be celebrated or feared? I am going for CELEBRATION as our 50th issue means 1.48 MILLION copies of Raring2go! have gone into family homes over the last 12 years to help local families in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire find out about all the great businesses, events, places to go, shop, eat, stay and play.

Has your business featured in Raring2go! over the last 12 years? Have you put your mesage in front of local families 1.48 million times? Do you want to be part of our 51st issue? Call me



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  • Congratulations! Well done.
  • Absolutely something to celebrate, congratulations!
  • Those are some staggering figures Victoria, well done to you and your team.

    As someone on the wrong side of 50....we probably need to celebrate the half century.

    Hopefully, I am only halfway through my life...:-)
    • thanks Mike ! Here's to the next 50!
  • Wow, that's incredible Victoria, what a feeling. I remember back in 2013/14 putting some ads in Raring2Go what I was focusing on coaching young people.
    Congratulations and I totally agree 50 should be celebrated!
    It really is that one magazine for all families with young ones and its came in handy on many occasions.
  • 50 - definitely for celebrating.
    What has changed over those 50:issues?
    • Thanks Helen
      SO much has changed (logo, design, my skill, my team, the age of my daughter (18 months when I started and now 13.5 years!) and the number of copies we distribute (started with 11k per issue and now over 30k per issue!) BUT so much is still the same - still jam-packed with lots of great local content, companies, events and ideas - all written by me! Here's to the 100th issue!
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