Hello ABN hope you're all doing great!

I absolutely love helping businesses to get more customers – always have done always will, 3424066140?profile=RESIZE_710xand I love receiving feedback like this – fantastic return on investment from Grampian Business Finder Gold. Many thanks to Chris at ResQ IT for the feedback – it’s very much appreciated and great having you onboard GBFGOLD.

GBFGOLD raises visibility to our group of 14,200+ consumer and commercial Members, give me a shout if you’d like more information.

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  • wow! great news for all :)
    • Thanks a lot Jessie :)
  • Outstanding! Well done Karen and well done Chris! We like being GBFGOLD members because it gives us more visibility, members and new business. What's not to like?!
    • Thanks a lot Andrew! always great to get feedback like this - I love adding value to my clients - just like you do here at ABN. Thanks so much for your feedback on GBFGOLD - it's great having you on board, who needs things to not like eh haha :)
  • You offer a great service for businesses Karen :-) Well done on the review :-)
    • Thanks Carmen, all about adding max value eh! and lovely of Chris to take the time to send me his feedback :)
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