A little bit of magic?

Remember me?? Ha ha, feels like a while since I've posted anything! Lockdown was surprisingly busy for me.

One of the things that kept me going was these sweets. My dentist will probably disapprove (if I ever see him again!) but these along with Zoom contact builder meetings have helped brighten my days :-) 

What's your little bit of magic that keeps you going?8031223682?profile=RESIZE_400x

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  • With that ace website open, Contact Builder meetings and those sweets, you're sorted!

  • So glad to hear that you've been busy throughout! And great to see a wee update here! I've turned into a chocolate beast.. such a sweet tooth recently!! 

    • Ah chocolate! Yes, plenty of that getting eaten too. Although it's more of an evening treat for me. 

      Hope you're keeping well Jessie. 

  • Oh, tea and a biscuit goes without saying! I'm pretty much fuelled by tea most days. 

    I've found these really hard to get hold of. My brother is doing some delivery driving at the moment and found these for me in MacDuff after looking in all the wee shops in the North East! 

    • If I see any i will pick up for you! :) 

      • That would be amazing! I got them in my local RS McColl's but they haven't had any more in stock for months - despite filling up the rest of the display :-( 

  • These look really good! For me it has to be fly cups of tea and a biscuit. (Biscoff ones are my fave but really Im not that fussy) 

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