• Love this and the following comments. Happy Valentines all! 

    • Thank-you Rachel, hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day.

  • This really made me giggle! Thanks for sharing, Mia.

    • Yes me too Iska!  Have a lovely Valentine's Day.

  • Well I hope it works out for both of them, I really do :)

    • Haha Paul.  I don't think Sponge Bob's pants will remain square after this interlude.

      • Long as he avoids "Mr Crabs" Mia :)


        • Oh dear Paul!  I know what you mean but to those who don't know Sponge Bob Square Pants, that comment could be taken all sorts of ways and I am not even going to explain who Mr Krab is because it could make this whole conversation even worse when we think about where he works ( at the Krusty Krab).  Best stop now!

          • For god's sake don't mention the pink starfish

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