ABN Contact Builder Explained!

Over the last 5 and 1/2 years, ABN Contact Builder, our unique on-one-one relationship-building service, has helped hundreds of ABN Community members win over £3.5m in new business (for the cost of less than £15 a month). Nice!


To find out more about Contact Builder, please click here on our main ABN website. And the next monthly sign-up deadline is close - Friday 30.8.19


And to answer the 3 most common questions asked about Contact Builder:


Who does the 'matching' of members - I do, based on conversations with the Contact Builders, their target markets and knowledge of the members involved (and 5.5 years of doing the matches!)


When do meetings take place - On dates to suit both parties. It's two meetings a month and they can be held at any time during that month. So it's very flexible


Why does it work?? - Because the ever-growing Contact Builder membership is made up of business people who want to build relationships, following a tried-and-tested formula!


I hope that helps. But any questions at all, please comment below or email andrew@next-business.co.uk


And thanks to CBers Yekemi Otaru and Steven Mearns for this cracking pic below after their meeting this month!







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