Well done to all our ABN Gold Members at yesterday's ABN Gold event at 8848 Restaurant. Well done on your networking. pitches and successfully completing the networking challenge!


And now the competition! Just complete this sentence and the best answer will win! 'I like gold (the element/mineral or the Premier ABN membership!) because........'



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  • Congratulations Craig Davidson.  A worthy winner (I think)......

    • Thanks Graeme, lots of great entries, I enjoyed your one, tough choice and I am sure I only won by a thin margin

  • Some pretty decent answers there - well done! We'll give this one more day then make a decision and reveal the winner tomorrow!

    • Who was the winner Andrew???


      • Ok, after a fair bit of debate at ABN Towers, Jessie, sorry, we have selected a winner! 

        Good imagination and excellent answers, thank-you to everyone who have it a go

        And the winner is Craig Davidson of Design and Code - well done Craig! See you on Thursday and we'll add on another 6 months free Gold membership to your account now!

        • Wow, absolutely amazed and chuffed, as you said some great answers from the fellow ABN crew, so to win is great.  Looking forward to 6 additional months of ABN Gold!

    • Exciting times......

  • although it looks pretty on its own, it is only when you work it, that it really starts to shine and when you bring more gold together, then its value grows. 

  • I like gold because it's better than mould, which is what'll happen to your business if you're not in this.

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