ABN Ten Groups Video Meetings Underway!

Well done to the Jten Sales Intel Group today, the first of our 10 'Ten' groups to kick off with video meetings via Google Hangouts Meet

The format was exactly the same as in person, sharing market intel, our updates, offers of help and requests for help. And the feedback was that the meeting was very beneficial - arguably even more vital in these challenging times. We shared more about our respective current challenges and it was great to hear the empathy and support

I was reluctant to ask guests to these meetings in the video format - but not any more! The Jten group had a guest today. And if YOU would like to check out one of these meetings (for free) in their current format, please add a comment below or email andrew@next-business.co.uk. There's also more info on the Ten groups HERE





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  • ...and the Qten group (part 2!) today!



    • It was great to see everyone, unlucky for everyones eyes that it ended up my face in the picture...sight for sore eyes thanks to lockdown with the toddler!! Very imformative and great to see we are all keeping our spirits up through this trying time for some businesses.

  • ...well done to the Kten group too!


  •  ...and the Sten group!


  • ....and well done to the Gten group this morning!


  • ...and well done to the Qtenners. Ace intel, even better support, plenty of laughs!



  • Love these photos! Great work all 

  • Well done to the Aten and Xten groups for their video meetings today!




  • Thanks again for leading the Mten group this morning Andrew, it was great to be able to still catch up with the group despite the currrent pandemic. I wont be late next time! :) 

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