Another book related topic!

A few book related posts recently, so thought I'd mention my book group on Facebook again!

Its for people to recommend, discover and discuss books to help their work or business.

Every category of non-fiction book is mentioned, recommended and discussed - from "The E-myth" (which is a popular choice within the group) to more recently the "For Dummies" books!

Networking meetings still planned in Aberdeen too - when its safe for them to go ahead!

It would be great to see you within the group - everyone is welcome, and the group is free to join at:

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  • Hi Simon,

    I'm definitely looking forward to meeting and networking with felow members soon hopefully.

    I'm very much akin to non fiction re reading materials, specifically biographies, self development and business/sales related books.

    I'm currently reading an excellent book that I'd highly recommend to any fellow business owners, it's called Profit First by Mike Michalowicz available on Amazon.

    • Profit First was recently mentioned in the book group!

      Sounds like an excellent book.

  • Thanks for lettihg me join the group Simon. Have only got into non fiction this year so looking forward to all the reccomendations from the page. 

    • You're welcome - and thank you for joining the group!

  • These networking events are hopefully getting a bit closer now, Simon!

    • Thanks Andrew - fingers crossed. :-) 

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