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I understand that it can sometimes be daunting posting your own content, so hopefully this discussion will ease you in a little swifter. 

Please, introduce yourself  (and your business and/or what you do)- we would love to e-meet you! 


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Great business connections can & will start here! 

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  • Hi everyone! My name is Lynne and I'm on the Business Advisers at Business Gateway. I work in the start up team so I help businesses who are either at the pre-start stage or within their first 12 months.

    Business Gateway is a free service and we offer support to all businesses at whatever stage they're at.

    Looking forward to getting know you all a bit better!



    • Welcome Lynne. Great to have more of the Business Gateway team here!

  • Hey everyone!

    I'm Jenny from JJ Mont Live Clean and I work with a clean living brand called Modere. It's new to the UK but huge world wide.

    I'm excited to share all the awesome products with you, not only because I love them but they have amazing results. So far my favourite is the liquid collagen - not for vanity - but for health reasons. Aches and pains are the thing of the past! 

    Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s a liquid collagen (our Liquid BioCell is amazing!), new moisturiser, shampoo, eye cream, cleanser, firming body foam, laundry powder, anti-ageing products, multi-vitamin support, health/weight loss support or a protein shake, there’s a whole range of products tailored for you. Modere have carefully crafted clean living products without any of the nasty controversial ingredients that are still found in many mainstream products.
    For your first order, you’ll receive my unique promo code of £10 off! This month (February) it's £15 and we have some amazing special offers on just now!
    We also have a Facebook group with over 60k private members who share their reviews and results, if you'd like to know more, please message me and I'll invite you to the group. It's like going back to clubbing guest list days - if your name's not down, you're not getting in! VIP and all that!
    Drop me a line for more details, a chat about the business or for your unique promo code.
    Looking forward to being part of ABN and meeting you all.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    💚No animal testing
    💚BPA Free
    💚Recyclable packaging
  • Hi All:}

    I have been with ENJO UK as a self employed consutant for 11 years, living in Kingswells 

    For those who have not heard of ENJO we are an Austrian company ( established for 30 years) educating homes and business' about the detrimental effects of using chemicals to clean with  and how use our Fibretex technology and cold water instead.

    Benefits are many including health and environmental, also you clean quicker with ENJO, ( this is where most people sit up :} the results are better hygenically and in most cases cuts expenditure.


    Usually we would conduct our home presentations face to face however like the rest of the world that has moved online via zoom or other media.

    For business' I have started to do online sessions to employees on the impact of using chemcials in the home in the environment and their health as part of the companies health and wellbeing programmes.

    If you are interested in hearing how ENJO can benefit you personally or in your business please get in touch.


    Thanks for taking the time to read and have a great day :}



  • Hi Everone,

    As a new member, I  just wanted to reach out and say hello. I am based in Banchory and I have just recently created a new business trading as Rohaweb. I run a small personal website design service offering search engine optimization packages to help your business grow. There is a lot more we can offer, so feel free to get in touch, there is no hard sell here I promise.



  • Hi everyone 

    Hopefully you're all enjoying the snow - at least with remote working there's no digging the car out every morning!

    I am currently working for Reed in Partnership on a government backed initiative called JETS Scotland ( Job Entry Targeted Support) where will receive candidate referrals for people who have been out of work for at least 13 weeks - primarily due to Covid related cutbacks. 

    We are looking to engage with local businesses who are currently or planning to hire new employees. We can offer a tailored recruitment service and an extensive pool of motivated, ready to work skilled candidates across all disciplines.....and the best part; it is completely free to the employer throughout the entire process. 

    I'd love to hear from anyone looking to add to their workforce and hopefully we will be able to source you the perfect candidate without costing you a penny.

    Have a great day,





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