• Thank-you Nara and Iain. It was great having you both there and wel done on getting stuck into all those good conversations!

  • I really enjoyed last week's event. It was lovely to meet new people and some familiar faces too. I look forward to future events. 

  • Another great event Andrew! And as always some great topics of conversation. I  think we both need to follow up with Mariana ;) Also had a fantastic chat with Ola about all things customer experience, I loved our conversation around staying local and hearing how she ensures this. I hope all the new faces found it as beneficial as I did and now looking forward to the next event :) 

  • Another great ABN B4N event!

    I've been out of the loop of offline networking lately so I have really missed the relaxed, informal atmosphere of these events. It was lovely to meet so many new people and of course it's always a pleasure to meet up with seasoned networkers too!

    • Thanks Nicky. Great to have you back at B4N!

      • Thank you Andrew, it's great to be back in the body of the kirk!

  • Thank-you Mariana, Ola, Stefania, Duncan, Dave and Susanne. It was great to see you all yesterday and delighted you enjoyed the event! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback here

  • Absolutely loved the event! It was my first of its kind, and I am so pleased I met such wonderful and interesting people! Thank you ola adeyemi for your lovely words! I am humbled! You are fantastic, too! It was a real pleasure to have met you! And it's so easy to talk to you! You made this event even more special for me. 

    Thank you so much andrew and the team! It was brilliant!

  • It was a really lovely event. great to see everyone and meet new conatct. Met the lovely Mariana Babas from iDream Hypnotherapy and wow i was totally blown away by how well she explained her business to me. she pretty much gave me a quick session right there. lol


    Well done Andrew and the Team.

  •  It was great to see some known faces as well as new ones yesterday at the event!

    Look forward to the next! Thank you again to all for connecting.

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