Global Internet usage doubles every 14 months. That’s the main fact. regardless of what your business does – it doesn’t matter – every application you use is becoming cloud based and demands more bandwidth, every device you use is smarter and demands a connection.  

When bandwidth is strained, or your service fails, do your staff calmly sit back and say “oh well, ill just send a letter instead”…?

Or do they look like the guy in the picture?

But how much of this frustration is just mis matched expectations?  What should you expect for what you pay?

Off the shelf, low cost, business internet services average £30-50 per month and are mis-advertised as “fibre” - but they’re not. They are Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC). Still delivered over copper. A network that was put into the ground in the mid 60’s…

The service level agreement (SLA) to fix a copper connection is “next day / best endeavors” And for £2 per business day – that’s 25p per working hour – what more could you expect?

A study commissioned by memory and storage specialists Sandisk, quantified the amount of time the average computer/laptop user wastes in a year…….waiting…for…slooooow …. response! Around the world, the average computer user loses about one working week. The US had the best times for loss of productivity amounting to 4.9 days, the UK came off a little worse at 5.5 days…..

So how do you get those working days back?

Fibre internet – with a fixed SLA -  is the solution! It should already be on your radar. the old copper connection is on its way out and upgrading your connection to gigabit fibre is an inevitability for businesses to keep up with the rest of the world anyway. Upgrading your connection to gigabit fibre can boost productivity and revenue, at 2 Circles Northeast not only will you receive the best pricing on the market we have the technical knowledge, know-how and advice to go with it to ensure your workplace runs smoothly.  

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  • I've been that guy in the picture MANY times when working in offices in the past!! So frustrating. Can't believe 5.5 days of lost productivity too, not good news for some businesses - but can see how it adds up! 

    • It really does add up!

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