Calling all (ex)Thomas Cook employees....

I'm running a (FREE) workshop in Aberdeen on Wednesday afternoon for all Thomas Cook staff (ex-staff...) in Aberdeen.

It will encompass:

  • Updating your CV
  • Updating your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to use LinkedIn effectively for job search
  • Interview Skills

If you are affected let me know, or if you know someone who is please tag them in this post.

The course is in Aberdeen but if you are out-with the area and willing to travel let me know, if there's space you'd be more than welcome.


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  • A very kind gesture Stacy. Their heads must be spinning with it all happening so quickly. If you can get them calmer, more positive and facing in the right direction that will be invaluable.
  • Good for you Stacy! After being in a similar situation last year I know how much this will be appreciated :)
  • That's a nice thing to do Stacy.
  • Well done Stacy - A great offer to lots of people who will be in turmoil.
  • Stacy this is such a lovely thing to do and offer!! So sad for all the employees, who have likely worked for the company for a number of years and having to start looking for new employment, which in itself is daunting!
  • Well done Stacy!! So sad for all the employees, good to see you helping them on the path towards something bigger and better!
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