• My hubby would agree- he puts cheese on everything! I myself love a bacon, egg, and cheese roll. Yum!
  • Can't think of any! Everything is better with Cheese & Bacon. Nailed it Gordon.
  • ohhh that looks good! I recently stopped at a coffee shop in Inverness. We had a black pudding and cheese scone, it tasted amazing!
  • I love cheese (I was once told its impossible for me to be a vegan, I love cheese so much), although bacon-wise it would have to be a vegetarian alternative! :-)
  • Ha ha Gordon, great post! I still don't think you could add cheese to a fish supper! A definite thumbs up to chips cheese and gravy though :-)
  • Looks amazing, think we should request these for the next B4N networking!
  • I think that's a trick question. Also, is that a posh bacon and egg mcmuffin and where can I get one? :-)
  • Someone else I asked about this said a Fish Supper cannot be improved with the addition of cheese and bacon.
    I take the point about the bacon on a Fish Supper, however, would have to disagree about putting cheese on the chips, even with the fish in the area.
    • I'd not be averse to trying bacon on a fish supper...
  • I agree you can add cheese to anything and it will definitely be better but as a vegetarian I have to disagree about the bacon :)
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