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We have been thinking a lot about connecting with others over the last two weeks. February usually sees the start of a busy conference season for us and this is our main source of marketing and business development so Covid-19 brings with it many concerns of connecting with potential clients and collaborators as time goes on. That said some of our biggest client wins we have had with people we have never met so it is entirely possible to build meaningful relationships virtually. 

Many of our target conferences have moved online and whilst the education side is equally as good as the physical conference there is still much work to be done to get the networking opportunities right. Still, lots of event companies are working hard and in the right direction so i have no doubt these imporvements will come quickly. Whilst we may mourn the loss of in person networking there is still much than can be done virtually as Andrew and the team are proving. 



One thing we have noticed in our business community is a much more deliberate effort to connect and check in on people. We have noticed this both personally and professionally.

Our family have instigated a twice weekly quiz night with the whole family. All five siblings, thier children, our parents and even our Aunt from Germany are now connecting twice a week for a fun catch up. We have always had the ability to do this but it has taken a global pandemic for us to take the steps to initiate it!

We are seeing brilliant innovation in the charity sector with support groups organising virtual yoga and support sessions and even virtual fundraising events. The speed at which these new and innovative ways of operating is startling and show how held back we can be from our own internal red tape. 




Professionally the world is opening up, this new digital accessiblity is putting everyone on a more even keel and we have found it wonderful to have been able to contribute to policy meetings, conferences and other opportunites that would have been outside of our reach. It is a great time for those with small budgets to get their thought leadership and expertise out to a wider audience. We also have a much larger social audience than ever before so now it the time to work on buidling your niche community, demonstrating your expertise and buidling brand awareness thought low/no cost social media strategies. Plus you may now have more time to dedicate to this. 

I feel very fortuate during these challenging times, we live in a beautiful part of the world where we can all still access nature and all it's benefits from our door and I am at home with my husband and children, and whilst they may drive me a bit bonkers and like to photobomb my meetings with snack requests I am mighty glad to be together and are very much looking forward to our #keyworker the Easter Bunny making a visit. This has got me thinking about those who will be spending this holiday weekend alone, for those whom were reliant on family invites, religous services and community events to stay connected.

So i have a call to action, to spend just 20 minutes of this weekend picking up the phone, arranging a video call or dropping a card or treat on the doorstep of a friend, family member or neighbour who will be spening this weekend on their own.  

From all the team here at RARE Revolution and RARE Communication we wish you a brilliant holdiay weekend where you can disconnect from work but connect with each other.





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  • Lovely reading this Rebecca - I agree with you, people are making more of an effort to connect - myself included. I too have been enjoying more chats with friends across the country via video call etc, same with my family and local friends. I'm seeing a lot of positive human behaviour and a lot of coming together which I hope we keep around after this all ends. :)

    • Oh i do hope we manage to keep up momentum after this passes and keep some of this wonderful human spirit.

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