• Nooooo long live print! haha ;)

    Looks good though. 

    • Its ok Nicola I still have my physical ones also.  Just havent had the chance to give one out in the last six months!!!!

    • I'm all for technology, but yes Nicola - long live print!

  • I think it's really good idea Graeme - definitely a better way to store information than lots of cards, easier to keep track of and more environmentally friendly!



    • Thanks Lynne. A great price as well and can be updated as many times as you like within the year at no extra cost. 

  • Looks good Graeme.  More info than a traditional card, but without the hassle of storing it somewhere for later.


    • Thanks @markhay  If you turn it landscape on your phone it also becomes a mini website.

    • Thanks @Mark Hay  It has come in useful already especially with the amount of ZOOM meetings I am having.

  • Good to meet with you Graeme.

    Great to have as really like a mini website, so gives people a wider overview of what you are able to offer - very comprehensive and good value and the team at pramaze are very helpful.

    Jackie Allen - MJS Digital
    Digital business card of Jackie Allen - MJS Digital
    • Thanks Jackie Allen.  It was great to have a 121 with you and find out a bit more about your role with MJS Digital.

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