Easter Eggs!

Making excellent progress organising my book group networking, and will be announcing more details very very soon! In the meantime...

Inspired by talking to Andrew earlier - what are your favourite Easter eggs and chocolates?


I've just purchased an Easter egg - purely for "taste testing" purposes you understand! ;-) (photo is from a previous Easter Sunday). And have you eaten (or "taste tested") any Easter eggs so far this year?

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  • My favourites are the ones that are half price after Easter :)

    • Those are my favourites too Paul! :-)

      Notice quite a lot of shops now know people wait until after Easter, as they seem to take longer to reduce them.

      Plus some shops have half price offers before Easter (e.g. Tesco has some at 75p which is what I brought yesterday)!

      • Hope they don't take too long to reduce them Simon - reduced easter Eggs form a large part of my diet this time every year :)

  • Good to see you yesterday!

    Still love ALL Easter eggs! Cadbury's caramel was a particular favourite tho!

    • Think they still make the large Cadbury Caremen eggs! They also have a medium one this year, although includes a creme egg style caramel egg rather then a chocolate bar.

      Wonder what Jack Bauer's Easter egg of choice would be...

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