If you own (or know any owners of) restaurants, make sure they know where to sign up to the "Eat Out to Help Out" Scheme
Let's get the restaurants and bars working (while still being safe) again



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  • I have already taken advantage of this offer twice and plan on doing it again Its an excellent idea and good to see some business going to our local restaurants again. 

  • Question for any publicans or restaurant owners out there...is this sort of scheme actually beneficial/appreciated at the moment?

    I'm all for supporting local businesses, god knows they're hurting enough...just not sure that asking them for a 50% discount is really that helpful. Anecdotal reports seem to suggest that they're just cannibalising weekend trade at reduced margins!

    Genuinely curious...

  • Excellent idea  great to support and stimulate the local economy. even getting a takeout from the local restaurants that have adapted to the situation.

    • Absolutley David Thomas.  Not the best of times at the moment for so many trades so all help is welcomed.

  • A sector that's had a really hard time and needs our help. And it's nice to be able to eat out again!

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