Electric cars ... are you ready to plug in?

September is traditionally a busy month in the car industry and this one has been no different for us. This month has seen lots of chats on electric cars and hybrids, with everything from the Audi Etron, Range Rover Sport PHEV, BMW i3 and of course the Tesla.

Are you ready to plug in?  What are your thoughts?  What are your fears? 

Yesterday a customer said she loved the Tesla but would miss the roar of an engine!  Join the chat and give me your opinion.3549366675?profile=RESIZE_710x 

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  • I keep liking the idea - then doing nothing about it (as you know!)! So definitely something I will do. But in the meantime will settle for a lift in Adam's Tesla!
    • For some people electric will be a "next time" car!
  • We're quite taken by the idea of a fleet of i3s or similar. I think for city cars, where the majority of driving is done over very short distances, makes complete sense. I would be more wary of tackling trips to further afield places (beyond Edinburgh!) and motorways, etc. unless it was a bigger car...a Tesla would be nice. Maybe next year! Only caveat is I'd like them to begin with "M" as alliteration is everything, so if Mini could do one that would be great! Then we can have a fleet of EV "Mini Moments" going around town!
    • Mini is about to launch a full-electric hatchback which is great as the Countryman PHEV, like all PHEVs really, is a bit of a waste of time unless you have an exeptionally small commute. I wouldn't worry about long trips either - my parents have the VW e-Golf and regularly drive between Stranraer and Aberdeen with one stop to charge! The government also gives £3.5k off the list price of full-electric which they pulled from PHEVs recently.

      Also, remember that, rather than paying over the odds for a finance agreement, Energy Saving Trust offers an interest-free loan over six years for the purchase of an electric car as well as a business version which applies for the purchase of electric vans too!
      • Chris, absolutely, we make our clients aware of the EST interest free loan, however with technology improving constantly and getting very quickly outdated, lots of our clients are looking at leasing options over a shorter term. Great to hear how the e-Golf works for your parents, we have supplied lots of those as a company of late.
    • The Mini Countryman PHEV definitely ticks that box Adam!
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