• Mmmm, biscotti and espresso sound like a delicious treat. I've just discovered some unopened Christmas chocolates in the back of the cupboard... Friday sorted!

  • One that springs to mind would be a fresh sugar doughring from the bakers.... sensational! Sadly, it has been a while and now that it`s diet time for the foreseeable..... hmmm.... actually, I may just pop down to the baker on cheat day :) - or steal one of my daughters choc chip cookies!! 

    • Ooh, fresh ring doughrings, still hot from the fryer! That brings back memories

  • I had some of the chocolate that I ordered online and that arrived earlier in the week. :-)


    • Careful - we'll all be round!

  • Teacakes AND caramel shortbread @Centrum Towers today.....

    • Caramel shortbread.... ooooooft!! :)

      • Tempting to head round there tomorrow just to see what's on offer!

    • But are they toasting teacakes or the Tunnochs ones? And did you share them with Jack Bauer? ;-) 

      • Where Centrum and Andrew are concerned, I believe it's always Tunnocks!

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