• That one! And so glad we have it. Tunnock's teacakes should be the cornerstone of any good Scottish food intake!

    • 100% agree with this! 

  • None of them involve a Tunnock's tea cake! 😉

    Friday is BNI follow up day, for visitors who have said they would like to join us, but have not yet committed. 

    Sunday is bacon roll day - don't tell my Mum it's (almost) every Sunday, not just Easter 🐣 

  • Are you lonely in the office at the mo? Or are enough people working back at Centrum now? :)

    • There is a few people back but its pretty quiet, I think the next phase we will see more people return. Hope all is well with you! :) 

      • Hopefully yes! All good thanks :) 

  • Can't beat a cup of tea and a cake/biscuit! 

    At the moment, my Friday ritual involves heading to the shop to stock up on all the crisps/biscuits/junk my kids are going to demolish over the weekend :-) 

    • I am impressed that you don't eat any "crisps/biscuits/junk" - I suppose you would just have to run further to run it off?

      • Unfortunately, I am indulging a bit, especially with the crisps! Trying to keep up the miles to balance it all out though :-) 

    • You really cant! 


      Thats a pretty good ritual to have though. 

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