Fun Friday - Whats your Friday song?


Friday again! - Only a few days left of our February step challenge at work.  We've been in teams of 4 trying to out-step each other for the whole month.  So far my team, the Red Hot Chilli Stompers, has amassed over a million steps and I am on course for 400,000 steps by the month end.  It was supposed to help us all get active and keep the spirits up, but we are all far too competitive 🤣









Working from home does have some advantages - for instance I can listen to whatever background music I like!

Personally I am not keen on these "music to focus to" playlists.  I much prefer something upbeat to keep the spirits up.

Found a new Friday song today - "One too Many" by Luke Combs, Brook & Dunn (

It wont be for everyone, so what is your 'Friday feeling' song?


(By the way for anyone baffled by the picture - it's a cassette tape, used for recording songs off the radio to make your own playlists😎, apparently they are considered retro now and are making a comeback - god knows why!🤦‍♂️)


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