Fun Friday - Whats your Friday song?


Working from home does have some advantages - for instance I can listen to whatever background music I like!

Personally I am not keen on these "music to focus to" playlists.  I much prefer something upbeat to keep the spirits up.

Found a new Friday song today - "One too Many" by Luke Combs, Brook & Dunn (

It wont be for everyone, so what is your 'Friday feeling' song?


(By the way for anyone baffled by the picture - it's a cassette tape, used for recording songs off the radio to make your own playlists😎, apparently they are considered retro now and are making a comeback - god knows why!🤦‍♂️)


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  • Can't beat a bit of The Logical Song by Scooter. Siobhan and I are having a rave here at Centrum

    • Motivational Monday raves are the way to go! 

  • This is me from the Greatest Showman! It'll be an ear worm by the end of the day!

    • The kids just about drove us daft with the music from that film, they had the soundtrack on CD and belted it out for ages!  Thankfully they moved on to something else now!

  • A little random I know haha, but I love Safety Dance, by Men Without Hats!

    • A classic Nicola

  •  Hey Mark. I used to have a colleague who every Friday insisted on putting on a song called "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett. It's a very cheesy country number - definitely not for everyone.....!

    • Haha, excellent Tony

  • Friday song chat running from one Friday to the next - good work Mark!

    • Thanks Andrew, any 'Friday Feeling' song suggestions are welcome

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