Giving back

As a company, do you make charitable donations, or support a local group or activity?

If so, do you feel the same way about supporting your industry sector?

Would you develop a new product, or wait for someone else to then copy their idea?

Which strategy do you thinks works best, and why?

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  • Interesting question. I'm a founder of a new 3rd sector organisation, and we have found that we have been the first to do a few things, that comercial business are quick to copy.

    As for donations, we donate a % of profits from each individual client to a cause of their choosing each year. When it comes to businesses, we have found that most local businesses are unwilling to help support smaller local charitable organisations, opting to support instead the larger charities, as it helps with their status.

    There are the genuine ones that support them as they truly believe in their causes, but when we have spoken to the people that make the desicions, the trending answer seems to be from a PR or Marketing stand point. 

    • Thanks Scott,

      What things were you the first at? Why did you decide to take the risk?

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