Got any great Dadvice?

Hey ABNers,

I'm hoping to pick your brains, and would love to hear of any tips, lessons or teachings your Dad gave you, or you've given your kids as a parent.

They can be practical pearls of wisdom that actually work or something that was a complete pile of nosense but achieved the right result.

For instance, my Dad told me as a toddler that if I dared to pee in the swimming pool a red chemical ring would form in the water around me, everyone would know what I had done, and I'd be in tremendous trouble.

Strictly speaking, I still don't know for definite whether that's true or not, and I never will! Mission accomplished!

So do you have any Dadvice, you've used or been subjected to?

I may even use it for my new podcast with my pal Boogie - it's a 'How To Be Dad' show called 'Two Dud Dads'. I hope you like it and would love to hear your thoughts, and/or any Dadvice.



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  • I'm rapidly turning into my Dad. In fact, I think that's been going on for a while now! Happy to report I'm already using all of Mark's lines below, plus 'Money doesn't grow on trees, you know'

    • Ah yes, the money tree. I'm familiar with it. Sadly I seem to chop more down than plant them! 

      • Me too! My old Dad also said to try to leave people better than when you found them, an old school way of saying that a quick hello, chat, showing interest, encouragement or saying something nice can have a really positive effect. He also said that was why he liked Darcy on Strictly!

  • John, I added this into the Friday email we send out to everyone today - glad it's bought in a few more replies! Hopefully you have plenty to refer back to now for the future ep!!

    • I saw that Jessie. Thank you 🙏🏻 

  • Hi John, lovely to see your smiling profile on these pages again. 

    My dad once said, "Many a slip between cup and lip" it was all to do with communication and speaking up for yourself. 

    Keeping the peace or simply agreeing when something goes against your wishes and principles can only lead to problems down the line. In our relationships, it's actually healthy to have disagreements and at times opposing thoughts. 

    If its all peace and harmony all the time then someone is not being honest with their responses.

    A pressure cooker waiting to burst. (messy) 

    I was 25 at the time and could quite see his logic, 25 years later and plenty of living under the bridge, I get it. 



    • Hi 👋🏻, and thank you. Lovely to be back. I love that line too. Call me old fashioned but I like the ones which are made even easier to recall because they rhyme or alliterate or whatever. Good advice too. Thank you. 

      • It's the only way I am able to remember it myself :)

  • My Dad told me to never get a credit card, I actually listened and never did! So glad now as I'd probably be on constant spending sprees haha :) 

    • I've heard a version of that before along the lines of 'don't  spend what you can't fold'. Dads know best, eh! 

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