Happy anniversary!

A year a go today I was welcomed in the GEF family! 

For all of you that have met me and talked about the charity with me I'm sure you can sense my great big grin on my face today!!! If Myles wasn't still in Kenya I'm convinced he would of brought in a cupcake for me...!

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life... never a truer word spoken!

What's the best part of your job? :D 

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  • Congrats Kayleigh! BEst part about my job is that no two days are ever the same. One day I'm doing a teddy bear hunt in Union Square and the next I'm doing a talk to a community group. It's great!
    • Thanks Emma. I totally agree, Iove not knowing what each week will bring - I haven't had a teddy bear hunt but that sounds great fun!! :D
  • Happy 1 Year Anniversary Kayleigh! I love being self employed too, love the flexibility that it gives me allowing me to spend more time with my daughter and grandson in Oz.
    • That sounds wonderful Karen, flexibility is definitely a huge benefit to working life.
  • Love being self employed not every day is easy but wouldn’t trade it for anything. Happy Anniversary
    • Thanks Susan, see you soon!
  • Happy Anniversary Kaleigh :-). I love being my own boss and when the weather is good I can sit outside and work too :-)
    • catching the sun and enjoying work at the same time - sounds perfect Carmen!
  • A year?! How did that go by in what feels like about 6 months!! Well done on all the great work you've done in that year. You deserve a box of cupcakes!
    • A whole box? I like your thinking!!
      12 months and I can't sit still just can't wait to get back over to Kenya, the countdown is on :)
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