Hello? Is this thing on?

Hello all!  Long time no post!

Sorry for my lack of communication and even less interaction over here! (I'm trying Andrew I really am!)

Anyway, just a little update for now...

As you know Charlie House are on a fundraising drive to raise £8million (!) towards their Big Build Appeal and I want to try and help them as much as possible.  So... against my better judgement (and much to the annoyance of my knees) I have entered the Run Balmoral 10k in April. 

Now, I KNOW there's always someone looking for sponsorship for something but it would be wonderful and greatly appreciated if you could donate a wee fiver towards this one:



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  • Well done Iain - fundraising, running, posting, networking, commenting, trying new things, suggesting letters for new Ten Groups. You ARE on a roll this year!

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