Just a quick hello to everyone on here and just a cgeneral check on how you are doing.

How are things? how is business?

im doing ok and ripples doing good too :-) 

just checking anyway


Have a good rest of the week.



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  • Doing just fine thanks Ola. And that'll be even better after we catch up next week!

    • Great to hear.

      Yes looking forward to the catch up. :-)

  • What a lovely post Ola! We are doing ok given the ciurcumstances. Hope all is well with you too :) 

    • Thanks Nicola. good to hear all ok with you guys. sure the snoods arestill keeping you busy. they are pretty fine products. we shared the ones you made for us on pur page i think yesterday. lol.

      Thanks also for the tag on LinkedIn. means a lot. let me know if you have Darrens contacts.



      • Yes i saw that thanks so much! I'll get it shared on our pages asap :) 

        • Yaiiiy. Super.

  • Hi Ola 

    Great to hear that Ripples is doing well. How's things with the Family First project? 

    All good here thanks for asking! 

    • Hello Jessie,. Thanks for responsding. yes we good. Family First project is finished now and we raised £450 for Aberneccessities. pretty chuffed about that.

      Unto the next thing now. hahahaha.

      Take care and speak soon

      • Amazing well done!! 

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