HELP PLEASE! Custom mini-stickers

Hi all! 

A post from me non-ABN related and hoping someone can help me out in regards to my other job!

I've had some boxes delivered from a printing company (to sell food products in), they've printed allergens wrong - however I don't have resourses or time to wait/reprint elsewhere

I'm looking to get stickers to cover the allergens box with the correct info on the back.

However, all sticker printing places I find start at a minimum 2cm height, this would cover other vital info on the box! Simply too big a mimimum sticker size. I'm looking for the sizing of 1 (cm) H x 6.4 (cm) W

Can anyone help me?? 


Thank you! 

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  • It makes me feel really awkward when talk about your "other" job JC! It's a bit like when one of my mates tells me about his mistress ;-)
    • hahaha! I know, I feel it too!
  • Hi Jessie, we can help at XIC. Can you please email me the quantity required to Thanks!
    • Thanks Nicola, I think my manager has decided to use these anyway and highlight over. I'll double check today.
      I'll keep you guys in mind for the next project! Thanks
      • No worries at all :) Glad you have it sorted Jessie!
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