How do you eat yours?


Mixing things up this Friday here at Centrum by having these as our treat. 😋 This sparked the very important discussion of the best way to eat a creme egg.

My question to you is, how do you eat yours?

** I promise we don't just eat chocolate here all day we do actually work hard. 😂

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  • Definitely bite of the top, get the centre then have the rest. It's a process. Now I've got the biggest craving! 

  • I love cream eggs! Siobhan, I blame you for wanting to go out and buy a few now... haha.

    How I eat them depends on my mood - some days they just get scoffed, other days I eat the filling first. 

    • I will take full responsibility for this. 

  • Tempted to try making cookies using creme eggs!

    Love creme eggs - even the new recipe ones they introduced five or so years ago that caused controvesy at the time. :-) 

    • If you do then please share the recipe for them! 

  • When i was a kid i used to eat the filling first. now i'm adult-sized they seem so much smaller & i end up just scoffing it down!! :-D

    • hahah I am convinced they get smaller every year! 

  • In secret! - As soon as anyone else knows there are creme eggs in the house, they all disapear before I can get one 😋

    I am with Liam on this one though, bite of the top, eat the filling and then polish off the rest of the chocolate.

    • They are very good! This is how I used to eat them, now they are gone in two bites! 

  • Never! Can't stand them 😀

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