The challenge has not ended! TIP









My recent challenge is still relevant this week, as it is every week!

It's so important to keep up activity and profile online, especially as we can't meet in person right now. 


This is what i'd love to see this week...

This site is fantastic for local businesses to connect and raise their visibility. However, we have a few lurkers who ARE logging in, but NOT being seen! Don't let this be you. 



LIKE other content posted by fellow ABN'rs - this could be their discussion post, blog or video 

COMMENT on at least one other discussion post, blog or video 

POST something yourself! 


Posting your own content is the best way to raise your visibility and open opportunities, but it's also important to show interest in others. This will help your own content's success. 

Those who get involved this week will also benefit from social media shoutouts. So get creative and get involved!


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  •  Let's aim for the same again this week! 

  • OK .... can tick ✅ the first 2👏🏻👏🏻
    challenge will be to post my own bit!😳

    • And you've ticked all 3! Fab

      • Hi Jessie .... amazing what you can do when you try!👏🏻👏🏻😂

  • Got a wee nudge from Andrew, I'm on it! :) 

    • We're pushy arn't we ;) 

  • I shall get something posted. :) 

    • I look forward to it! 

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