Well, what can we say it's been a busy start to 2021 and also to the start of Abervail since we have launched in September 2020.
From Scotland to Kenya; all the way to Team GB!!
We can OFFICIALLY announce that we have partnered up with someone that has been chosen Local in Aberdeen to represent Great Britain (GB) in Triathlons all the way up to Aquathlons. We will be following and supporting @sweirteamgb through all of there events that they compete in and make sure that they are ABERFIT and ABEREADY to represent GB.
Sweirteamgb has a website being launched in the next couple of weeks and we will make sure we have that website tagged in out posts and Instagram for everyone to go have a look to see what how they are getting on!! For just now why not jump over to there instagram @sweirteamgb and show them support and give them a like and follow.
This is what WE stand for as a company, allowing people to chase their ambitions with high quality training gear which makes life easier (and to look amazing!) either to compete in or to turn up to the event and leave the event in. All of our products are not just for the gym or fitness they can also be used to chill and use for normal day to day use.
Let's become ABERFIT and ABEREADY because we can achieve ANYTHING when we put our mind to it!!

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  • That's fantastic! Well done for supporting local athletes on their journey! 

    • Thank you so much and Its great to be abel to help out :) 

  • Amazing, well done! 

    • Thank you so much :)

  • Well done Liam!

    • Thank you Andrew 

  • Said it before, and i'll say it again... great job! 

    Your passion is obvious. Keep us updated with this! Would love to see pics. 

    • Thank you so much Jessis, I will do and when I get pic or whatever I add them into the comments. This is the only one I have at the moment. Also if anyone is interested and woud like to follow the progress adn she how she is getting on, Sandra is on instagram http:// this is t;he perosn that I have partnered up with, give her a follow and see how she's getting on :)


  • Cool.. Congratulations! 

    • Thank you very much 


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