Good afternoon fellow ABN'rs!!


As part of IT Hotdesks 10 years in buisness we are trying to increase our Linkedin following.  It would be great if you could go and follow us on Linkedin and if you do leave a comment on here to be in with a channce of winning a £15 gift voucher of your choice!!!! We will do a video on our linked in page announcing the winner on Tuesday 10th September 2019.  So get clicking to be in with a chance :-) 



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  • Thanks guys and gals! Kepp it going and spreadt the love
  • Liked and following :-)
  • Does it count if I already follow you? I could unfollow and refollow...

    Happy Friday! :-)
    • Hmmmmm good point. For the already following i will get yoiu a coffee next time i see you :-)
  • Liked and following, love a wee competition! ;)
  • Done! Good luck everyone.. !
  • Following...and now waiting with baited breath with all my fingers crossed!
  • Done. And there was nothing not to like!
  • Followed. Love the tips. S
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