Lock Down 2020

4292603981?profile=RESIZE_710xLet this be the only time in the history of our lives that we see a heading like that.


There is a lot of focus on sorting out :

- food and toiletries

- income whether that's going on Furlough yourself or sorting your workforce out.

- Home schooling if you have younger kids

- Motivating the older ones to keep on with their stiudies

- keeping the Ginb to after 5pm

- Creating a new daily routine 

The list is endless...

Many haven't even reached any type of crisis yet!

- Be that infected personally or a family member starting to show the symptoms.

- There are small signs of paranoia and anxiety

- nloneliness for those who dont have a extensive people network

- Frustration for those in bigger families with small spaces to share time in.


As we settle into this lock down I'd love to know what the good stuff is that you are discovering?

Tell us what is so good about this lock down for you?


"I mean we already see how Mother Earth is repairing just by her human race staying indoors"

I am really connecting with my teenage daughter and its amazing.

I'm taking my Coaching service online and offering 30 min FREE support calls for anyone who might just need it during C-19

We are eating on time because i'm not stuck in traffic heading home after a day at the office.

I've got my mini trampoline out and i'm jumping myself fit!



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  • There ARE postivies Tess! I already work from home BUT I have deep cleaned my house (not the wardobes or kitchen cupboards yet - pacing myself) - and during that broke both the kettle and toaster (I am not a narural!). I am enjoying time with my daughter - slowing down a bit as I'm not rushing to take her to a class or pick her up or to evening meetings. 

    I am taking my pup on a long walk early in the morning and enjoying the quite time on the river bank - daffodils bursting into life.

    It is a very odd time - a juxtaposition between doing many 'normal' things and then suddenly remembering that there are many 'normal' things I am not able to do just now.

    I am finding long hours on Zoom or Team calls are hard going BUT HouseParty or WhatsApp vidoes calls with my freinds are super worth it.

    Every cloud has a sliver lining -we just need to keep looking for (and seizing!) it! x 

  • Nice post Tess,

    The working from home has not made a huge diference to me, as I was already doing that. and fortunately I have my own office set up. 

    What the current situation has done is force me to re-evalute my business and to carry out a slight change of direction and pushed me to carry out some more focused actions especialy in budgeting and trimming the deadwood in my business.

    I think that for a number of us the way we conduct our business in the future is going to change quite significantly and if we adapt it will be good for our businesses.

    So stay happy and stay positive and keep thinking outside the box!!

    • Dave you are so right, I also believe many people will be operating so differently when life returns to "a new normal". 

      There are so many opportunities for everyone to do a re-boot plus it's Spring time so why now Spring clean those ideas. 
      thanks for sharing. 

  • Great post Tess!

    The positives for me are finally finding time to make cushion covers (had the material for 2 years!), super clean house and honing my baking skills.

    Stay safe and see you on the other side!

    • Hi Nicky

      Its been amazing tapping into the personal creative, please post a photo of some of the covers when you are done, would love to see them. 
      as for baking I'm trying to avoid cake, Ha!Ha!Ha saying that my daughter just said Mum I feel like baking a cake today. So there you go. 

  • Time in the garden - it was quite warm this pm

    Not running round pretending to be busy

    Continuing to help people at home and in their business, virtually and still for free

    Learning - this morning I added Bluejeans to the growing list of online meeting tools

    • Sounds wonderful Geoff, tell us more about Bluejeans. 

  • Great post Tess! The good stuff for me is more family time, more reading and practising my chipping and putting!

    • Great variety Andrew that's the challenge for some right now. 

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