Looking forward to a day of chats!

Decided to book in a few chats with ABN colleagues on Monday! Looking forward to a day of getting to know new people and getting to some people a bit better.  Might even bake some goodies for the occasion.  What a shame they won't be able to share?! Have a great weekend! 

@Geoff Woodger @Marianna Babas @Graeme McColl @Tess Day 


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  • If we would have shared those cookies live, Gillian! I don't think we could have kept our chat to 1 hour! :)) I am sure they tasted amazing! Have a gorgeous day! 

    • I can't have too many days like that because I had to eat for two! :D

  • That's an impressive 4 you have lined up there - enjoy!

    • Having a most enjoyable day. :)  Away to rescue a deer that has been pacing up and down in the neighbouring field for the past few hours. Fingers crossed I can help. 


      • Did you rescue Bambi?5334450701?profile=RESIZE_930x

        • I walked up on the outer side of the fence and when Bambi caught sight, 'Flight' kicked in and gave enough adrenaline to get her over the fence all by herself! Completely disappeared!  

  • So grateful to ABN for introducing me to so many interesting people! Don't think I should bake for two every time though?! 

    • I am just about to hit "Go Zoom" and I haven't baked, so I may have to resort to a Jaffa Cake!

      • Update on deer: I walked up on the 'other' side of the fence.  When it saw me, it ran off and disappeared.  I can only assume that the 'flight' kicked in enough to give it the energy to finally clear the fence. Cannot see it anywehere now, so fingers crossed all is well. 

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