Monday Blues - do you suffer or embrace?

I used to believe I actually suffered from Monday Blues therefore putting substance behind the phenomenon.

Over the past couple of years though I have taught myself that it is just another day, yes it signals the end of the weekend, however it also introduces you to a successful week ahead. You can suffer or embace the day and kick start the week with some positive vibes and get positive results .I have learned to embrace Monday mornings with a smile on my and the whole world will smile with you!!

I am interested to know everyone elses thoughts on this and how they either embrace it or let it take over?

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  • Good one Maggie!

    Like most people, I prefer the weekends. But I enjoy what I do Monday-Friday too! I try to kick off Mondays with no meetings in the morning to be able to plan, get some things off the To Do list, then get out into the World. Sometimes feels like I move thru the gears on a Monday morning, from weekend mode to work more. Hope that helps!


    • I have always seen Monday as more of an admin day get those little things off the list to enable you to move on to the bigger items on the do list, I actually used to shy away from the to do list on a Monday until at least 12 but I embrace it now and a clearer diary leaves me with a clearer more positive mind. 

      Great input Andrew thanks

  • Hi Maggie great post! I feel that if I make a handwritten list on a monday morning and attempt to get through it, that really helps. I think working out on a monday also sets you up for a happier week. It does take a lot of pushing sometimes but ultimately makes me feel better 

    • Thanks Jessie, not something i have tried is working out but definitley one worth trying to get the endorphins going good tip thanks for that.

      • I started by just doing a little yoga! Don't even need to leave the house.. although now I prefer to get out because I feel less distracted :)

        • I would feel more motivated being out of the house because I would end up doing housework and anything else needing done around the house if I stayed at home that and my son would probably be jumping all over the top of me :) Yoga is a good shout though 

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