Movie Stars

Now, I always encourage my clients to make videos for their business and one of the key things I always say to people is that it's really important to be yourself in your videos! That's the best way to connect with your audience and start building relationships before you've even met them.
However... it's Friday, so...
If there was a bio-pic made of your life, who would you want to play you?

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  • I'd say Emma Stone! Though she'd have to work on her Essex accent :-D 

    • I've never seen her do anything with an English accent of any kind - she may be brillinat at them ;-D

  • I'd have Jennifer Lawrence because she is a little bit goofy in real life. Who would you have?

    • Yeah, can totally see that :-)

      I've said Emma Thompson, but she's too old. Gillian Anderson is too short (amongst other things). Who do you think should play me?

  • Hi Diana, I'd want - Robert Downey Junior. 


    Pretty sure I'd get - Mark Addy. 

    • Yeah, I want Robert Downey Jr too - oh no, wait, that's a different conversation 🙊

      Maybe you should try to get cast in a biopic about Mark Addy? 

      • Now, there's an idea.... ;-)

        • I could be your agent 😊

          • Ha ha! If I'd only had one of those in the past!

  • A classic Ten group QOTF! Still going with Ewan McGregor....

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