Many thanks Tess Day of Mindblox for having me on your Spotlight radio show on Shmu. You managed me very well! And hope I was able to help the listeners with one or two tips about networking



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  • Did you enjoy it Andrew? I loved it, didn't think I would but was good fun and the time just flew past. I will need to see if I can listen to yours and get some networking tips ;-)
    • Really enjoyed it. Like you, the hour flew by. Would do it again - if Tess will have me back!
      • Well, now Andrew we can always make a plan. :)
  • A pal actually challenged me to drop in 'photocopiers' and 'cauliflower' into the show. I wrote the words down in advance - then totally forgot!
  • Ali there is good news....the show is being broadcast again this Friday at 2pm for anyone who missed it.
  • Is there a podcast?
  • Did you guys have a game of Innuendo bingo?
    • James, I can’t remember how that games goes, so no we didn’t play it. Why don’t we make a plan to have you on the show for some Fluxtastic Bingo in the near future?
  • Good morning Andrew, you were the perfect radio guest. I am sure you gave the listeners many goods tips, the bonus for me was that I got a good few reminders as well.
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