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How long do you need to spend on ABN Community to up your visibility, connections and engagement? Half an hour? An hour?? Just 5 minutes!

Get into a routine, it works! It's easy to access ABNcommunity on your phone, I like to add a link to my phone homescreen to make it quicker to access. But even without that, keeping a web-tab open with this site is easily done!

Using ABN on the go means you don't miss anything important on the homepage, it's fast-moving now! A quick like and comment shows others that you are an active member, worth connecting with - even if you don't have time to log on via desktop all week. 

Do you use ABN on your phone or tablet? 


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  • Another Top Tip JC! I use ABNC on my phone sometimes. I find the laptop a bit awkward when sitting on the toilet.
  • I agree! And I visit ABNC on my laptop, tablet and phone. Is that allowed?! Lol
    • The more the merrier
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