Many of you don't know that it's quick & easy to access ABNcommunity on the go! 

What's the benefits?

  • maintain 5-mins-per-day liking, commenting & interacting even when busy
  • content on the move - upload photos from your phone camera without having to send to a desktop
  • check out ABN instead of reaching for a mindless scroll of insta or FB on your phone!

Here is an example of ABN on MY home screen, as you can see - looks just like an app!

















I followed the steps on this website - I use an android. I found that clicking on the + sign, then 'add to homescreen' were the right steps for me. You can follow my steps below, but if you have a iphone etc, or tablet - check out the website I've linked, as they also show screenshotted step by steps.








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