Need help clearing your selves?

3634374309?profile=RESIZE_710xWith October almost here, it's a month lots of people choose to cut out alcohol; sometimes to reset before the socialising madness that surrounds Christmas or to raise money for the incredible Macmillan cancer support charity who have the campaign Go Sober For October.

Are you going sober for October? Do you still have bottles of alcohol at home that could tempt you?

Fear not!!!

GEF are looking for prizes for our winter raffle and we be delighted take them off your hands!!! :D

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  • I have some bottles I'd be happy to donate
    • That's brilliant thank you so much Debbie. I'm way just now but donations can be dropped off at office or if you prefer I will be back isn't week in November :)
  • I'll definitely have Kayleigh unless my rebellious teenage daughter has been filling them up with water again ;-) Hope you're enjoying Kenya.
    • Sneaky haha! Thanks Carmen we appreciate it. Kenya is stealing my heart again, but I am so happy to be here to see the impact that GEF is having to families here thanks to the continued support we get :D
      • It's a fantastic thing to be involved in :-)
  • I definitely have some wine - where can I deliver them?
    • Thanks Helen, much appreciated indeed! While I am in Kenya the lovely ladies next door and upstairs can take them in for me. Either 43 Albert Street with the girls in REC Consultancy, or our Trustees upstairs in MDT International at 45 Albert Street :)
  • Have unearthed some spare booze, Kayleigh! Should I drop off the bottles at your office?
    • Hey Andrew, yeas please when you are passing either our office at 43 Albert Street as the girls in REC Consultancy the office next to us or our Trustees upstairs in MDT International at 45 Albert Street, both will take them in for us
      • Cool. Will do!
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