Networking events...

I recently went along to the ABN Turn your online networking into sales training session which was great! (Where I promised to post a discussion, so here goes!) 

I have also been in the STEN Intel group for a number of years, and have attended various events recently like the Northern Star Business Awards and Business Connect Dinner.

I know there is the M4 and B4N through ABN and BNI, but I wondered what other networking events/meetings/groups you all recommend, should I be trying something new or am I missing anything?!

Picture for fun... but totally agree! Cheers, Nicola :) 


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  • Great question Nic. Personally I have nothing to add, but keen to read what other people have experienced and could recommend.
    • I heard about a new natter & network group last week, will update you if I get more info :)
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