New Co-Worker

While Vodafone stores are closed across the UK I’d just like to give a shout out to my team. Incredibly proud of their resilience during these times and the fact they are adhering to the lockdown measures put in place.

While we’re missing being together as a team in stores, I’d like to introduce the newest member of the IWM Communications team - Mia the Maine Coon. Her skills include shedding, napping, meowing and always being in my chair!

Keep safe all!






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  • Looks like the purrfect co-worker! :-)

  • Take care Iain, great pic! 

    • Same to you Billy, I hope everything with you is well. 

  • awww! My little Peanut is my coworker too! 

    • Awww cute name, you will have to share a photo somepoint Jessie. 

  • Good teamwork Iain! Stroking a cat is very therapeutic

    • Not sure about team work, I find that face sitting in the chair so I just disapeered off to another room, I know who the real boss is in the house!

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