No excuses..


This week i'm encouraging you to try the 3 x 2 approach, every day here on ABN Community! 

What is the 3 x 2 approach? 

Simply, it is adding 2 comments, 2 likes + 2 connection requests across the site, you can add against videos and blogs too, not just the discussions. 

Who knows, this may lead you to a connection which pays knowing down the line, you might learn something new, or you may even win business, who knows! It's just important to keep your visibility up HIGH, and make sure that others know that you are an ACTIVE member. 

And, this may go without saying, but try not to get into the habit of 'like spamming' or leaving comments that are not genuine, without even reading or watching the members content, as this won't do you any favours! Your aim is to invest in your profile, become recognisable and interact & support the local business community. If implementing this technique into your day results in more business won down the line, then it's even better! 

This will only take 5-10 minutes out of your day, i've done mine today - have you done yours? 

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  • You're so right Jessie, it's too easy to make excuses for not making the effort to connect with this great tip there's no excuse!

  • Great tip Jessie - thanks for that!

    • No problem :) 

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    • Awesome. Makes it a lot easier :) 

  • Hi Jessie, I spoke to Andrew the other day - he told me about this tip. I am definately going to try this. I've been neglecting ABN for a few years, but really keen to get back on track. :-) Thanks for all the other great tips as well, I am reading my way through them all!

    • Thanks Iska and i'm glad to hear that we'll see much more of you on ABNC :) 

      • Thank you Jessie. I'm now also booked onto the next M4 event. I'm very much looking forward to it. 

        With regards to the forum, where do I access the different sections of the forum? I can only seem to find the highlights overview on the homepage, but I know I should be able to get to the different headers as well. I feel silly for asking, but really can't find it... Thanks!

  • Hi Jessie. For a new member this is great advice and i will do my utmost to do this! 

    • Hi Rachel

      It makes such a difference & it's super easy - even on the go. Add the ABN webpage to your phone homescreen - one click and you're in. :)

  • I'd of course recommend you read all of Jessie's tips! But if you only read and act on one, make it this one. No more than a few mins a day and you'll get visibility, new connections and new opportunities. For FREE!

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