Our New ABN 1-1 Networking Audits & Training!




Many thanks Craig Low from Thorpe Molloy McCulloch (TMM) Recruitment for being the first member to have a 1-1 networking audit and training today! We were supposed to launch these in Jan 2020 but I just couldn't wait that long!


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  • That's our networking skills training options officially official now! There's more info and online booking on our ABN services website HERE for the 1-1 and group options

    Thank-you to everyone who helped with the trials and gave feedback to help get this part of our business launched

    Now go click on the link and let us help you become a better networker! And any questions at all, please just let me know - andrew@next-business.co.uk or 07989 133167


    ABN members told us that they’d like some help with their networking, so we put together these two training sessions!
  • This looks interesting and sounds like a great idea Andrew Smith. Looking forward to finding out more.
  • Thanks Tess and Helen! Bringing forward the launch of the 1-1 audits/training has been successful - now to get the info online (on it!)!
  • This sounds interesting and really valuable...cant wait to hear more.
  • Sounds like a great idea - we need to know more!
  • Yesterday I attended ABN 1-1 Networking Audits & Training! And found it extremely beneficial . I definately recommend this for anyone that is perhaps new to Networking or just perhaps need some direction or confirmation as to the dos and donts In networking and how to get most out of your networking. Andrew has a wealth of knowledge and it was so refreshing to get a different perspective on how to grow and nurture relationships. It was such a good session and feel that with it being a 1-1 setting we could discuss things freely and openly. Thank you Andrew, I really enjoyed it.
    • Thank-you very much Abbigail. Really enjoyed the session with you and am so glad you found it enjoyable and beneficial!
  • Interesting! When or where do we find out more?
    • Thanks Carmen. We haven't even got the info onto the website yet but will do asap! Will let you know when it's all there
      • Thank you :-)
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