Our New ABN Contact Builders!


It's been a very busy few weeks for members joining us on ABN Contact Builder, our unique one-on-one relationship-building service that has now helped members win almost £4m in new business!


So it's time to say welcome to all the new Contact Builders and thank-you to all our exisitng Contact Builders, some of whom have been contact-building since this service first launched over 5 years ago!


And if you would like to find out more about this service, please click here, reply to this post or email andrew@next-business.co.uk


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  • Final day, final call! To come on board today - https://abnworks.co.uk/services/contact-builder/
    Contact Builder
    Contact Builder is a unique and extremely effective one-on-one relationship-building service, originally launched by ABN in 2014. Each month a growin…
  • Thank-you very much Margaret, Gillian and Carmen for sharing your Contact Builder feedback here. I'm really chuffed to hear how much you're enjoying building more relationships this way. More meeting matches to come next week/month!
  • Excellent first two meetings in Contact Builder. So interesting to hear about other journeys. Very much looking forward to developing these relationships further and to the next new contacts.
  • I would highly recommend being part of Contact Builders! Although I am fairly comfortable in large groups, I admit to enjoying one to one conversations more. As a Contact Builder I feel like I am building a better foundation with the people I meet. In large groups it can be fragmented and I often find it difficult hearing exactly what is being said. This month I have met with Malcolm Duckworth and Jeanette Lowe. I don't think I will ever tire of hearing how we have all found ourselves in the ABN community! Thank you for making it work! :)
  • I'm loving Contact Builder as you get to meet interesting people you don't always see at the other networking events. It's also a 1-2-1 discussion so you get to learn a lot more about the person and their business than other events, which is also good. So if you're considering it then I can definitely recommend you give it a go.
  • Thank-you to all our new, renewed and existing Contact Builder this month. And the sign-up deadline (to start meetings from Dec onwards) is close - Friday 29 November!
  • No brainer really to sign up for another Contact builder....I have had some great meetings with some very talented individuals. Can't wait to meet more this time and hopefully turn it all into good business!
    But the question is who will be the next unfortunate person paired with me!!
    • Thanks very much for your on-going membership Darren. And it's TWO very fortunate people again this month!
  • Pleased to have joined contact builder and looking forward to meeting new ABN members.
    • Welcome on board Margaret! November's meeting matches have now been done and will be with you later today
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