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It's been a very busy few weeks for members joining us on ABN Contact Builder, our unique one-on-one relationship-building service that has now helped members win almost £4m in new business!


So it's time to say welcome to all the new Contact Builders and thank-you to all our exisitng Contact Builders, some of whom have been contact-building since this service first launched over 5 years ago!


And if you would like to find out more and join this unique service, please click here, reply to this post or email andrew@next-business.co.uk


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  • Bob Bowman - welcome to ABN Contact Builder!

  • Looking forward to starting contact builder again, always enjoyed the format!

    • Welcome back Phil! Great to have you on board as a Contact Builder again

  • Mia Middleton - thanks for joining us as an ABN Contact Builder!

    • Thank-you for the lovely welcome and supportive introduction to contact builder Andrew,  I have been so used to M4 in the past but this forum sounds great.  I am so looking forward to meeting more of the members on ABN and helping each other grow. 

  • This week I lost my virginity (at 44 years old). Albeit, it was with ABN's Contact Builder, but what a great experience!

    I was apprehensive about it, but my contacts were excellent and i'm thoroughly looking forward to more meetings over the coming months.

    Delighted I signed up for it - thanks Andrew Smith.

    • Welcome on board Scott! Never too old to try new things!

  • David Tawse of Nimbus Blue - welcome to Contact Builder!

    • Delighted to be here. Can't wait to get started :-)

  • Thank-you very much - January saw a record number of new Contact Builders and the total number of Contact Builders is now at an all-time high!

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