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It's been a very busy few weeks for members joining us on ABN Contact Builder, our unique one-on-one relationship-building service that has now helped members win almost £4m in new business!


So it's time to say welcome to all the new Contact Builders and thank-you to all our exisitng Contact Builders, some of whom have been contact-building since this service first launched over 5 years ago!


And if you would like to find out more and join this unique service, please click here, reply to this post or email andrew@next-business.co.uk


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  • Good evening 

    Hope you are all well. Just a note to say I have joined contact builder and looking forward to meeting new people soon,

    thank you Andrew 

    Best wishes


    • Welcome on board Lori!

  • Final day, final call! If you're thinking about becoming a Contact Builder, do it! And any questions at all, add them in here or email andrew@next-business.co.uk

  • Well done Mariana & Gillian. That sounds like you covered alot of ground there. Keep doing the great contact-building that you're doing!

    • Thank you Andrew! WIll do. Making new connections is one of the positives during this lockdown!

    • Thank you, Andrew! Will do! 

  • I have met Gillian from andbreathe, today! And it was amazing! We just clicked from the very first moment! We have so many topics in common that one chat wasn't enough, so you set up another one! :) Thank you, ANdrew! It's been great meeting people through contact builder! 

    • Looking forward to it Mariana! I have had a day of contact builder/ABN chats!  Catch ups with Geoff Woodger (thank you for the book recommendation Geoff) and Graeme McColl, then ended the day chatting with the lovely Tess Day (who lives only a few miles away!).  As I reflected on all the conversations, I realised that my day began talking about dreams with Marianna and ended with Tess asking me about my dreams for the future. I plan on thinking a lot about my dreams over the next few weeks and hopefully find some answers! Watch this space... Thank you Andrew for encouraging all of this to happen! 

      • That sounds like a great day, Gillian! xx

        • It's given me a lot to think about! 

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