Pants on fire?

Lying is rife in the workplace, according to this survey by Glassdoor.

Tellingly, 24% said “they had done so because their boss or colleagues do not like to hear diverse opinions.”

Do you think office politics and the culture makes it inevitable? Should we be surprised?


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  • I'm not surprised by this to be honest. I think we all portray a different version of ourselves in the workplace and so may not be as open and honest as we would be with those who we are closest with. I’m sure a lot of us are guilty of a wee fib or two in the workplace just to keep the peace.

    • I definitely agree Siobhan Jaffray as everyone has a natural persona and an adapted persona, so it depends which one we want to 'show' in the workplace. Although I do think the odd wee 'white lie' can be necessary to keep the peace in certain circumstances!

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