Plans for Easter weekend?


While this may not be the Easter anyone was expecting or hoping for, do you have any plans for the Easter weekend?

For example, any virtual events, catching up with family via skype, eating lots of chocolate, etc.?

(and if you are planning to read over the Easter weekend, you are welcome to join my book group at

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  • Sounds great Andrew - will Jack Bauer be joining you? Never heard of Mindhunter!

    Absolutely agree Jessie hope nobody goes out - if you make any cakes be sure to share photos! I'll probably be watching films, eating chocolate and reading. Don't normally go online during the Easter bank holiday, however I will for an hour or two this year in case anyone wants to talk online. :-)

    • Not done it yet. But a 24 binge could be a possibility soon!

      • I've still never seen an episode of 24 (more a Designated Survivor person!)! :-)

  • Virtual drinks with the Aten Group tomorrow eve and more watching Mindhunter!

  • I really hope people don't go out!! Can imagine parks full. Hopefully people are sensible. Might bake actually.... I want to find a healthier cake recipe that's vegan friendly so I'm not guilty! What are your plans? 

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