Podcast Recommendations?

Hello Everyone, it’s been a while since I was last active and keen to get back into the networking. So thought I would start out by looking for some general advice from all of you lovely people 😊 So do you have any podcast recommendations?

Very blessed to have such wonderful routes for running during lockdown. Despite being a farmers daughter I never tire of these views or the beautiful beasts I get to interact with. Decided to combine my running with PhD studies recently and have found that podcasts on Disney that I have been listening to vastly improve my pace.

6428732691?profile=RESIZE_400xSo looking for any recommendations on any #marketing #innovation #learninginnovation #creativity podcasts that you love to listen to. Thanks in advance for your insights 😊

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  • I only started listening to podcasts during lockdown, I missed running with my friends!

    I've been listening to Jeni Falconer's Runpod and Tina Muir's Running for Real. Ridiculous Histories is also interesting, if you can get past the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure style of delivery 😂

    • Thanks Jeanette I will have a look at those. I tend to run on my own most of the time anyway - largely because I'm slower than everyone else!  Hopefully you can start running with them again soon!  Hey if it's a Bill and Ted style delivery I'm sure I'd love it 🤣. 

  • Hi Tracy, lovely to see you back with us here :) 

    A few members have their own podcasts I believe, sometimes advertising them here.. hopefully you'll have a few comments from them.

    Personally I love crime and spooky podcasts, but I also recommend Jay Shetty - Purpose & Russell Brand - Under the Skin which I think may suit what you're looking for :) 

    • Hi Jessie

      Thank you 😊  I will have a look at those  what spooky ones are worth listening to.  I'm a bit of a horror fanatic and love the storytelling approach as my mind can be much scarier than the movies can 🤣


      • My favourites are Casefile, which is more telling the story of each case. 

        I also love Mile Higher Podcast, it's a husband & wife team who have a more chilled approach and discuss crime/paranormal/conspiracys 

        • Those sound fab, I will give them a try and I have a horror bud at work I will share them with too :-) 

  • You could try the Waffle Free Storytelling podcast from Tina Konstant.



    The Waffle-Free Storytelling Podcast - Tina Konstant
    Welcome to The Waffle-Free Storytelling Podcast! It is what it says on the tin: waffle-free storytelling! Turning coffee breaks into mini-adventures…
    • Hi Mark

      Thanks so much for the recommendation.  Will give it a try soon. Appreciate it!

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